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Looking forward to a big change in my Country

I have often been sad to see elderly people sitting on the street with hardly any clothes or food. Especially now, when it is additionally raining a lot. Nevertheless, I feel a great joy in my heart. Because I see that there are people who have a big heart and a lot of love

2021-10-27T08:24:46+02:0021. February, 2021|Madagascar|

Report on the first aid manual distribution campaign in Vangaindrano

I am pleased to report on the mission we carried out in November in the Vangaindrano region. Our mission was to distribute the first aid manuals for the medical staff and the community workers; as they have already received a first aid training in 2019, but not yet a book to deepen the subject.

2021-01-18T12:23:39+01:0018. January, 2021|Madagascar|

From a feather-like feeling to almost cracking feet

Hello everybody! Today I would like to share with you one of my greatest adventures that I experienced during my time at AiNA soa. I will remember this experience forever. It happened in September 2017, when I was assigned with the medical team for a first aid training in Anosibe An'Ala - in the

2021-10-27T08:43:45+02:0022. October, 2020|Madagascar|

Looking ahead

As corona infection rate in Madagascar decreases, life returns to its normal course. Official exams take place, travelling from Antananarivo to other regions are starting, some touristic places are now open. Nonetheless, life will not be the same as before with a new invisible element as part of our environment. Barrier measures against corona virus,

2020-09-24T11:29:48+02:0024. September, 2020|Madagascar|


The Corona virus is shaking the world. It defies health systems and economic power of every nation. It creates panic and disturbs social life. At a more personal level, it brings fear and uncertainties. In the midst of all these troubles, the only source of peace is the faith that our God is in control.

2020-06-28T16:19:16+02:0028. June, 2020|News|

Independence – from the inside out

Madagascar’s independance from the French colonisation will be remembered on the 26th of June. The usual celebration will not happen due to the corona virus partial lockdown. The following article is given from a Malagasy perspective. 60 years of independance should have led the country to the stage of maturity. Sadly enough, the reality

2021-10-27T08:51:30+02:0028. June, 2020|Madagascar|
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