Employees of AiNA soa have started the development of the Vonjy Aina (save life / first aid) app in 2019. The following pictures give an insight into their content.

The start page contains four buttons.

By clicking on Vonjy Aina you can access the main menu.

In the main menu you can see the different first aid topics.

At the bottom there is a note that the app never replaces a complete first aid training.


1. Testing whether a person is conscious or not

Below is a button that takes you directly to the emergency numbers section.


2. People who breathe normally but are unconscious must be put in the stable lateral position.

The app also contains information and contact details for AiNA soa, as well as emergency numbers for hospitals and ambulances. Emergency numbers are only available in eight major cities in Madagascar, a country fourteen times larger than Switzerland. The app user does not have to type the number – just click on the right number and the app will connect directly.