I have often been sad to see elderly people sitting on the street with hardly any clothes or food. Especially now, when it is additionally raining a lot. Nevertheless, I feel a great joy in my heart. Because I see that there are people who have a big heart and a lot of love for the poor and needy and who like to take care of them and think about them. It is also important for me, my family and the organization I am working for not to neglect the poor and the weak.

There is so much injustice all over the world and it is difficult to figure out how to deal with it. A message from Mrs. Merkel that I read on Facebook challenged me to rethink my own attitude and leadership style. It also motivated me to think more deeply about what is happening here in Madagascar.

The question that arose in me was: Am I a leader who wants a high position? Or am I a leader for whom center of the work is to serve and love others? To continue Mrs. Merkel’s message, the latter is the key to achieving new goals. Because if many leaders have the attitude to serve, this country can become a better one. One in which poverty can be reduced and fewer people have to live on the streets.

AiNA soa, the organization where I have been working for several years, is a good example of this. For all people, from the board of directors to the employees, the focus is on the attitude of service. I hope and wish that we can continue to make a difference and win the fight for greater justice.

Thank you very much for reading our blog. Additionally, a special thank you to all who invest themselves with us to save lives.