I am pleased to report on the mission we carried out in November in the Vangaindrano region. Our mission was to distribute the first aid manuals for the medical staff and the community workers; as they have already received a first aid training in 2019, but not yet a book to deepen the subject.

Antananarivo – Vangaindrano 

After we had prepared everything on a Saturday morning in Antananarivo, we drove off in our 4×4 after praying together. Maro, Jimmy, two volunteers and I were on the road together. Already after a few hours we have reached Antsirabe, the second largest city in Madagascar. Antsirabe is a beautiful and also touristy place. There, we could have a short rest before we continued our journey. However, due to the bad road conditions, we soon had a flat tire. We all helped to change the tire. Because there was no tire repair shop nearby, we continued with the spare tire to Fianarantsoa. There our tire could be repaired and we spent the night in this town. The next morning we continued our way to Vangaindrano. Without any further breakdown we reached the town at dusk.

Off on the motorcycle to distribute first aid manuals

Shortly after arriving on site, we set up the house where we would stay during the mission. In addition, we contacted some local motorcyclists to get everything ready for the ride to the remote health centers coming up soon. When the motorcycles arrived on Monday, we laced up the books on them and hit the road. My companion (one of the volunteers) and I planned to reach two health centers that day. Mahamany Tsiantely, 30 kilometers away, a distance for which we calculated a good hour and a half there and back by motorcycle. Marovato, which is 25 kilometers away, was the second center we visited. At each of the two health centers, we gave the health workers the most important instructions that one needs to know about the book and its contents. The health center directors and community workers were very happy and said, “The information in the book is very useful. It will help us a lot. Thank you very much.” After this exhausting day, we tried to rest in Vangaindrano, knowing that the next day also had a lot on its agenda.

Anders als geplant

On Tuesday we continued our program until we received a call from Antananarivo. Daniella’s mother (Maro’s mother-in-law) passed away. Because of this sad news and because a member of the team was not well, we had to return to Antananarivo. Unfortunately, this meant that we were only able to visit 13 health centers instead of 24 as planned. For the distribution of the remaining books in the correct places we could count on the help of a local medical assistant.

We are very thankful that God kept us safe on this trip. We like to have plans in our minds and know what the program looks like. However, the plan of God sometimes looks very different. I trust that His plan is the best.