Team in Madagascar

Laza Andriatiana, Director

For me, AiNA soa is a realization of common ideas that have developed over many years of friendship. When Nicole led her first team in Madagascar in 1996, they lived in my home town. Today the ideas have taken shape and a small plant has grown. I am happy to be a part of this team that will grow this plant. AiNA soa is a valuable platform where I can apply my skills and develop new possibilities. With us in the field, with you as a supporter at our side, with God’s blessing, we hope to touch many lives and change them for the better.

Ioly Andriatiana, Administrative Team Leader & HR

My name is Ioly Andriatiana. I am married to Laza. Together we have two daughters: Lilia, born 2004 and Irina, born 2012.

I work at AiNA soa for the following reasons: I see how important it is to improve the health situation in Madagascar. I wish that the Malagasy population is happy and healthy.

I appreciate Nicole, who brought the project to Madagascar very bravely, and all the people who support the project. I firmly believe that we can make a difference and change lives.

Maro Randrianangaly, Public Relations

My name is Ramaromahalasa Randrianangaly or simply Maro. I am married to Daniella, one of the doctors of AiNA soa. Together we have two sweet little girls. Since June 2016 I have been working as an assistant to the management and I am also responsible for the cars.

The poverty and poor health care in my country distress me. By working at AiNA soa I can commit myself to the dissemination of basic medical knowledge and first aid. I work towards ensuring that every Malagasy citizen knows what to do in case of illness and accidents. “Helping people to help each other” is a way of helping that I want to develop even more in my professional and personal life and with people around me. I give my maximum in my work and thus contribute to the development of the Malagasy population.

Jimmy Ralison, Accountant

Hi, my name is Jimmy Ralison. I’ve been working for AiNA soa as an accountant for many years. I am proud to be part of the team and it is a privilege for me to help build this organization. Even as a child I dreamed of working in an organization that helps people. It has always been my concern to help others and so I want to make it my profession, that’s me.

I will do my best for the success of AiNA soa. Thank you very much to all who support us practically or financially, God shall reward you a thousand times over.

Mirindra Rajoelison, Doctor, Medical team leader

Back then, when I applied to AiNA soa, I only did so because I needed a job. As time went by I was able to see the beautiful plan that God had prepared for me there in advance. At AiNA soa I can discover many talents that I did not know I had. I am happy to use these talents and thereby help Malagasy people.

Through my work in the organization I feel that I can contribute to the development of Madagascar and help Malagasy people to a better life. It is a special place where I can develop personally and professionally. Because united by the faith and vision of AiNA soa and God’s good will, I experience the community with my work colleagues, who only want the best for me, very positive and enriching.

Rado Rodison, IT-Technician & Videographer

My name is Rodison Radoniaina Sergio, they call me Rado. I am married and have 3 children (two boys and a girl). Since July 2016 I have been working as a computer technician at AiNA soa. I like what I do because I can contribute with my skills to fulfill our mission. By producing good teaching material I support the team. My wish is to contribute to the main goal of AiNA soa – to help all Madagascans to a better life and avoid unnecessary death. I am grateful for my work with AiNA soa, thank you very much.

Ny Ony Dulin Rakotonirina, Doctor

I am Ny Ony, one of the new doctors at AiNA soa. I will be getting married in a few weeks (December 2020), if God is willing. Currently, I am still in my trial period. The work and everything I am learning right now at AiNA soa motivates me a lot to stay.

Even before working here, I really enjoyed teaching people and sharing my knowledge with everyone I know or meet. This is probably because most of my family members are in the education sector, so I grew up in this field. I always wanted to be a doctor and a teacher at the same time. I always wondered how that could be possible. Fortunately, God led me to AiNA soa, for which I am very grateful. Because it gives me the opportunity to realize my dream. I really admire what AiNA soa is doing and it fits my ambitions perfectly. I thank the whole AiNA soa team who welcomed Tsito, Tojo and me wholeheartedly and with pride.

I am now looking forward to passing on the knowledge of first aid for accidents and diseases to my fellow countrymen. I also enjoy passing on the topics on how to prevent common diseases in Madagascar or how to live healthy. My vision and desire is to see the development of my country through the development of AiNA soa and its works.

Manoela Tsitohainandrianina Raonivelo, Doctor

I am a doctor and some time ago I had my own office in a small community on the outskirts of the capital Antananarivo. My strength was that I took a lot of time with all patients to explain to them in detail their disease, the possible consequences as well as the treatment. After all, the purpose is for them to understand the disease so that the treatment can be optimized. It seems like a small thing, but I think it helps them to prevent complications.

Although I had not heard of AiNA osa before, I am happy to have become part of the team in November 2020. I am discovering that what AiNA soa does is exactly the same as what I did for my patients before. Most people in Madagascar don’t have first aid skills and don’t know what to do when they face simple, health problems at home or in their village. I believe that if everyone is given the appropriate knowledge, they will be able to face these health problems.

Sharing knowledge to save lives: this is the mission of AiNA soa. This important cause deserves respect and it motivates me a lot to get committed to it. I don’t know yet how long I can stay in the team of AiNA soa. But I am sure that I will contribute to the development of my country in my daily work.

Razanabelo Nambinintsoa Clémence, Doctor

Hello, my name is Clémence, I am a doctor. During my medical school, I often asked myself, “What can I do if I suddenly see a person fainting or losing consciousness?” I tried to find an answer to this question during my studies, because as a doctor, I am always the first person my family and friends call when they have a health problem so I should have basic knowledge of first aid. I was afraid of getting into such a situation because we did not receive any first aid training during our medical studies.

Thank God, I had the opportunity to become part of AiNA soa in November 2021. I work in the medical team as a first aid instructor. So far, I have been able to gain a lot of experiences and new knowledges, especially in the field of first aid. My fears have disappeared, I am not afraid anymore when I encounter an emergency situation.

Now I can help my compatriots, train and teach them first aid so they can help each other.

Mirana Nambinintsoa Andrianandrasana , Secretary & Communication Manager 

My name is Mirana and I am the mother of an adorable nine-month-old boy named Rudi. My name literally means “smiling” in English. Indeed, I love to smile. Seeing the smile of my entourage as well as their development makes me even more joyful.

For me, one of the things I could do to keep smiling is to help others and encourage them to reach out to one another.

That’s why I first volunteered for AiNA soa in 2019 for the fulfillment of its vision and mission. In fact, we share the same vision, that of “seeing Malagasy people take charge of their development and change their communities for the better”. After having done some volunteer work with AiNA soa, I am very happy that I can now work as a employee in this team since February 2022. It is my first professional experience as a secretary and in the field of communication.I am looking forward to achieving the goals together with AiNA soa.

RAHELIARISOA Holimalala Daniella,Doctor and Planning MANAGER

My name is Daniella, I am married to Maro from the AiNA soa team, we have two little daughters, Hanah and Emma.

I started working at AiNA Soa in May 2014 as a doctor and became the medical team leader. At the end of August 2021, I left AiNA soa for personal reasons as I started my own charity association. Nevertheless, I always kept up to date with AiNA soa through Maro. The time off helped me to develop personally, as a leader in my association, but also as a treating physician. Since I am still consulting patients part-time to this day.

In April 2022, I was invited by AiNA soa to attend the First Aid Instructor training by a training institute from Switzerland. This was a great privilege for me, and an offer that I could not refuse. This act of love from AiNA soa touched me very much. It made me feel that they still take me into consideration and have not forgotten me, even though I was no longer on the team. This was the trigger for me to come back to AiNA soa to use what I learned in the training for AiNA soa. The door of AiNA soa was wide open for me. So, I talked to the leaders in Madagascar and the board in Switzerland. So now I am back in the team.

I am now part of the management team, with the main role of planning and coordinating the activities. I work part-time, which suits me well because it gives me time for my association and the patients. I like to participate in the outreach of AiNA soa to fulfill the vision that God put in Nicole’s heart for Madagascar at the beginning of AiNA soa. I love my country and my fellow human beings, so I want to continue to do my best so that this country can develop through the project of AiNA soa.

I wish a long life for AiNA soa!


RABARIVOLA Mamitiana Yvette , trainer assistant and cleaning agent 

RABARIVOLA Mamitiana Yvette, married and with two adorable children, a boy and a girl.

Working at AiNA soa is a great privilege for me because I can help my compatriots improve their health.

I like to help others and especially take care of sick people. I even dreamed of becoming a doctor at the time.

I was a teacher and I love sharing my knowledge. In addition, I need money to support my family.

At AiNA soa, I am in charge of the cleaning and sometimes participate in the training. I feel at peace and full of life working here.