Team in Madagascar

Team 2024

It has always been a driving force for me to do what I can to help others to feel better. This led me to really want to study medicine at university. However, I needed to earn a living and felt that working as a GP would not help me realize my passion. That’s when I discovered AiNA soa. the time-honored vision of “helping to help” won me over, and now, 9 years later, here I am.

I have developed myself through the organization. The tasks I have been given here have helped me to develop. Many talents that lay dormant in me came to light, some of which I didn’t even know I had. What’s more, the people I work with are more than just colleagues.

The verb “empower” takes on its full meaning in such a working atmosphere. And that is exactly what AiNA soa does through its activities in this country. This year, we have emphasized this by renaming our vision “Empowering for Change”. I want to spread this positive change to as many of my fellow countrymen as possible.

Dr. Mirindra Rajoelison, Director & Medical Team Leader (since 2014)

Not by chance, nor by luck, but by a clear indication from God in 2013, I always knew that I was in the right place and that I had a mission here. My career so far has been long and filled with valuable lessons and I admit that I have made some mistakes. However, it is through overcoming various challenges that I have developed the resilience and wisdom that has shaped my professional identity today. With a solid background in financial management and a strong interest in human resources, I bring my skills to ensure the effective functioning of both areas. My goal is to contribute to the success of the organization by combining my financial skills with good strategic people management.

Jimmy RALISON, RH & Comptable

As a dedicated professional, I have brought a unique blend of medical experience and a solid foundation of conscientious planning and special work organization to every project at AiNA soa for the past 10 years. Although my training is rooted in medicine, the focus of my current role is administrative. With a keen eye for details and a high demand for efficiency, I enjoy creating structured, optimized processes to ensure positive outcomes.

I really feel at home here. AiNA soa’s values match mine, so I’m happy to stay here.

My personal motto is: “Let’s turn our visions into reality through careful planning and strategic organization.”

Dr. Daniella H. Raheliarisoa, Administration Team Leader & Planning Manager (since 2014)

My main job here at AiNA soa is as an IT technician. It is my talent to solve computer problems or other technical faults. In this way, I bless the work of AiNA soa in a very practical way. I also enjoy making videos. On the one hand, these are used to provide helpful and life-saving information here in Madagascar and, on the other hand, they also serve to raise awareness of AiNA soa’s work in Switzerland. By producing the videos, I have an important role in the public communication. I enjoy working for AiNA soa because we have the same vision, namely to help and support the people of Madagascar.

Radoniaina Rodison, IT Technician & Public Relations Assistant

Like my medical colleagues, I am called upon to ensure that our training participants become competent first aiders who are prepared for all eventualities. For special training content, I work with the other members of the medical team to design new, creative materials. I enjoy being innovative in everything I do.

In addition, I build a bridge between our partners and AiNA soa because I enjoy approaching people and making new contacts. My goal is to multiply our partnerships, because every collaboration is an opportunity for growth and further development of our organization.

Dr. Tsitohainandrianina Raonivelo, First aid instructor (since 2020)

In 2014 and 2015, I worked as a volunteer for AiNA soa. Working towards the vision of AiNA soa was very inspiring for me. I was really amazed when I heard from Nicole, the founder of AiNA soa, that she loved Madagascar and its people and wanted to do something for us.

I wondered how a person who lives in one of the most beautiful and richest countries in the world could be interested in one of the poorest countries in the world? The simple answer inspired me to find joy in helping others and strengthening the foundation of humanity through charity.

This is why I joined AiNA soa in 2016, to make my contribution to the change I want to see in our population: the contribution of knowledge to the well-being of each individual.

Through my responsibility for the vehicles and the data collected, from the training sessions carried out, I am actively involved in achieving our vision.

I help to bring about change for all those who are hungry for knowledge, because Madagascar, as an underdeveloped country, does not have the privilege of a good education and equitable knowledge

Maro Randrianangaly, Database and rolling stock manager

Helping people to help themselves –  with this guiding principle, I use my resources to help AiNA soa realize this goal by using the maximum of my talents as a doctor and instructor.

God has given me the gift and ability to speak in front of an audience and train people, and in return I praise Him by giving something good to my fellow Malagasy through the trainings offered by AiNA soa.

Dr. Ny Ony Dulin Rakotonirina, First Aid Trainer since 2020)

Since my childhood, a deep sense of compassion and an innate desire to help others have been part of my personality. This charitable nature led me to volunteer with AiNA soa in 2019. In that role I have represented AiNA soa and especially the first aid manual at various public events.

Over the years, my passion for volunteering has grown even stronger, and luckily, I was able to apply for an open position at AiNA soa and start my permanent position in 2022. With a background in communications, I use my skills to contribute to AiNA soa’s mission – from managing the website and Facebook to fostering relationships with various partners. I am committed to optimizing the work of AiNA soa. My constant goal is to increase the visibility of the organization and publicize our impactful trainings.


Mirana Andrianadrasana, Secretary & Communications (since 2022)

The vision of the AiNA soa motivated me to work here. Because I like to help others with what I can and know or what I have. I support the NGO by cleaning the house and the kitchen. I help the team to maintain the established order to ensure cleanliness. I prepare the meals very carefully and balanced so that the team stays healthy at work.

Sometimes I also give parts of the training, I really enjoy that because I feel that is one of my talents. I try to make sure that the subject I’m teaching is well understood by the trainees.

Mamitiana Rabarivola, Cleaning Agent and Assistant Trainer ( Since 2019)