As corona infection rate in Madagascar decreases, life returns to its normal course. Official exams take place, travelling from Antananarivo to other regions are starting, some touristic places are now open. Nonetheless, life will not be the same as before with a new invisible element as part of our environment. Barrier measures against corona virus, like regular hand washing, wearing masks and social distancing should be an adopted habit by the public. But the reality gives a different picture. There is a long way to go in the matter of health education and communication.

Fortunately, most African countries have not recorded as many corona cases as elsewhere. Official statistics for Madagascar on the 15th September show 15,803 cases, 214 deaths, and 14,452 recoveries.

It is now time to look ahead, to resume our normal activities and to explore new possibilities. Discussions with the Ministry of Public Health about further collaboration have been undertaken during the corona virus time. Here it is important to explain that the Minister in charge of the Public Health Department has already been replaced twice this year which also leads to a change on the lower officer’ levels. Such replacements often lead to structural changes. Hence, we face new challenges and chances again and again as we take up contact with different persons.

Our team is looking at opportunities of partnership with private organizations like paramedic institutions in other regions. Some of the institutions we worked with in Antananarivo have branches in these areas.

This is the calm after the storm where there is a need of cautiousness and an expectation of recovery in the social and economic spheres.