The Corona virus is shaking the world. It defies health systems and economic power of every nation. It creates panic and disturbs social life. At a more personal level, it brings fear and uncertainties. In the midst of all these troubles, the only source of peace is the faith that our God is in control. The wisest attitude is to trust in His unshakable nature and character.

In Madagascar, the number of infected cases is growing slowly. The news is followed with lots of concerns by the population. They are in need of protection and economic solution. The squeezed living condition can spread the virus rapidly. Given their economic activities, each day without work affects the family income harshly. The government is already giving things to vulnerable people, but they are far from enough for all the needy. The president of fokontany said that only 10 elders among 350 poor people got the gifts so far. We want to help and give our food and soap. With CHF 10.00 we can give a poor family: about 10 kg of rice, one bottle of oil, 5 pieces of soaps.

If you like to support the vulnerable. Please give to the AiNA soa account:

Name: Vereinskonto “Pro Work”
Banc: Raiffeisenbank Mittelgösgen-Staffelegg
IBAN: CH32 8080 8004 1426 2654 3

It is an AiNA soa account and tax free. Your gift will be transferred to Madagascar to 100% and used for the poor. The Tax for the banc transfer and the salary for the AiNA soa employees will be covered by AiNA soa. Thank you for considering.