From Excel to Banana

Hi readers, It is my great pleasure to share with you an interesting topic. At AiNA soa we never stop developing and improving in all areas of work. Everyone gives their best to achieve the best quality possible. This is only possible with encouraging and good leaders. By the way, greetings to all. :)

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Developing a habit and receiving feedback to move forward! These two methods are among the approaches that help me develop and reinforce my experience. When I started at AiNA soa last year, I was trained as a first aid instructor. At the beginning, I was not sure if I would do this job well

2022-04-27T13:54:35+02:0027. April, 2022|Madagascar|

First Aid in the Rural World

Madagascar is rich in interesting and beautiful places, especially in the rural areas. Most of the people in these areas have only primary education. Their standard of living, is not allowing them to pursue higher education. Especially because of the distance between schools and their home and further challenges, such as financial constraints. Therefore,

2021-10-16T12:08:11+02:0016. October, 2021|Madagascar|
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