After months in lockdown because of the coronavirus, life here in Madagascar, in Antananarivo, is gradually resuming its course.

For AiNA soa and the team the daily work starts with new challenges. In the past months, the team has evaluated the previous work and brought up new ideas to improve the working methods to become more efficient.

Aarau (the name of our first 4×4 off-road vehicle), has already covered 26’000 km since June 2016 until today. Therefore, it was now time for a tire change. Thus that  Aarau can cope with the coming adventures and challenges.

In Madagascar, care must always be taken when buying any kind of material. Due to the fact that goods reach the big island from everywhere around the world and are then traded here. Much comes from Europe, Asian countries such as India or from African countries

To buy something in Madagascar, one must always make comparisons of the prices and qualities of the goods to be purchased. The price of a 4×4 tire in Madagascar varies between 300 000 Ariary and 1 300 000 Ariary (90 Swiss Franc to 365 Swiss Franc) depending on their quality and origin.

As I am responsible for the vehicles of AiNA soa and their maintenance, I spent half a day comparing the prices and qualities of tires in different stores in Antananarivo. Due to the traffic and traffic jams in the capital it is not always easy to make the trip in a few minutes. Mostly it takes at least 4 hours to do the shopping in the city. Although, our office is only 15 km away from the city center.

Finally, we opted for the purchase of a mixed tire given the state of the roads in Madagascar with an average quality/price ratio. Aarau, is now ready to carry out the kilometers of mission that awaits us. I am looking forward to the different roads and adventures with Aarau and its new wheels in the coming years.

Kind regards