The corona virus remains as an important actor in what is happening in the world at this time. Every country, every activity, every source of family income is affected. The number of cases and deaths still increase in many countries.

In Madagascar, the government has decided a re-lockdown Antananarivo, the capital city, and its surrounding region. Bus transport has stopped working. Travelling to and from Antananarivo to other regions has been prohibited since April. Meetings, even with a few numbers of people, are not allowed. Official exams are postponed for a few months. Public hospitals and health centers in the city are overwhelmed. The authorities turned some schools and offices into treatment centers. They project that the peak might be reached at the end of August.

Among the population, the news is perceived differently. Preoccupation for survival leads some people not respect the measures implemented by the authorities anymore. Others are entangled in fear. Socio-economic consequences are enormous, with companies closing down, people losing their jobs or not being able to continue their usual activities.

Despite the fact that AiNA soa cannot continue with the first aid trainings in the remote regions due to travel restrictions, our team is contributing to our society in need. Generous individuals, families and church in Switzerland responded to our appeal. Their financial gifts are used to buy food and soaps which are given to families in difficulty around our office, around our staffs and to centers for homeless. Distributing the gifts was also an opportunity to share God’s love and to give hope. AiNA soa team, as well as the recipients, are more than grateful towards the generous donors for their contributions. Some have given sacrificially. May God reward you all.

We do not know when this life which feels like in slow motion will really end. What we know is that our Father God is in control. And we serve Him through the opportunities He is opening before us.