The last weeks of November were a period in my life when I really felt the meaning of the quotes “Life is full of ups and downs” and “Rain is followed by sunshine“.

As head of the medical team, I prepared myself with all my heart for the arrival of the new doctors in the months before. I was really excited and could hardly wait for the day when they would start. Mirindra and I prepared a welcome booklet (picture below) which should serve as a guide to help them get started with AiNA soa. I was very excited to find out if the new brochure we had created would be useful.

We were delighted to welcome the three new doctors – Tojo, Ny Ony and Tsito (picture below) in mid-November and started with an introduction round. Afterwards the personnel manager gave them some information. Later I took over the leadership to give them an overview of their tasks in the medical team. I was very satisfied with this first day. As expected, it went well and fortunately, the welcome booklet we have prepared seemed very helpful. It was a joyful day!

What happened one day after was really unexpected. After eight months my mother lost the fight against her illness at the age of 59. We never stopped believing that she would recover from her illness, but unfortunately, she died. I experienced a feeling that is difficult to explain. It included a multitude of thoughts and questions that are difficult to answer… It was very painful. A dark day that was completely the opposite to what I had experienced the day before.

After two weeks of mourning leave, I have returned to the office at the beginning of December – with a new perspective on life. The death of my mother leaves a big emptiness and it is hard to live with it. But I now know that it is essential that I take the time to react, to move forward and also to allow the people who love me to accompany me through the process of grieve. “It is normal to feel lonely and lost because you share a special bond with your mother. It takes time, but the pain of loss will fade and you will always remember her with a grateful heart“. I will try to hold on to this comforting word of my friend, which she shared in her letter of condolence.

I am happy to see all my work colleagues again. I am excited to be a mentor to my new colleagues. Together we are ready to prepare and focus on what we want to achieve in 2021.

Even though I have only worked with Tojo, Ny Ony and Tsito for a short time, I am optimistic about the coming collaboration. I believe that they are in the right place at the right time. Their arrival was for me the starting signal for a new phase at AiNA soa. Already now I realize that they have a lot to give for the benefit of AiNA soa and Madagascar.

The last month of the year for me is the sunshine after the rain. Everyone celebrates Christmas in his own tradition. What is certain is that at the end of the year most people hope for a better life in the new year. December is the month of joy, love and peace, so I encourage everyone to reconcile with the one with whom one does not get along. May misunderstandings, conflicts, relationship problems and all the difficulties of this year 2020 not follow us into the year 2021. Even if some situations seem very difficult and hopeless, do not lose hope. Rain is followed by sunshine. We always have a choice: either we decide to overcome the situation we are in and go forward or we stay in the situation and cannot go forward. It is our conscious decision.

It is time to start a new phase. I hope and believe that this one will produce something better for each of us than the previous one.

Happy Advent season!

With kind regards,


Tojo, Ny Ony & Tsito