AiNA Soa means: Precious life.

Through first aid trainings and thus the education of Samaritans in the villages of Madagascar, the health care is to be improved at the community level.


See how the Malagasy people take responsibility for their own development and change the country for the better. Saving lives through an AiNA Soa training & manual in each community health center.


Providing first aid training to equip people with knowledge to improve their health situation and help others.


People are our heart’s desire: The people we train, our partners and employees are the focus of our work.


Life is precious: we trust in God and serve him and our fellow men.


We work responsibly and with integrity. We strive for quality and social justice.


Mission statement of the association AiNA Soa

People help people. People should be enabled to help other people. This is the primary purpose of the AiNA Soa association. AiNA Soa focuses on training and supports people who train and help people to help themselves. The association sees itself in the sense of the basics as a Christian development and project work community in the service of Madagascar. AiNA Soa means: Precious life.

By training Samaritans in the villages of Madagascar, the health care at the community level is to be significantly improved. The aim is to create an independent Malagasy organisation that guarantees medical care at the grassroots level. At the moment the focus is on the health sector. Interventions in the areas of water, food and self-sufficiency are not excluded.

The association is oriented towards the basic Christian values. Life is valuable. This value should be evident in all references within the work of AiNA Soa. This includes living an open culture of mistakes, according to the motto: “Mistakes happen, but not to improve on them is unwise”. Attention is also paid to gender justice. Women and men are equal.

This is anchored in the statutes at association level. Based on the aims of the association, training should take place in all areas of work. Initially, the management level will be kept lean, but this will be expanded with the appointment of Malagasy staff. The management structure must adapt to the local conditions and is therefore not yet fixed at the moment.

They are the key to the success of the AiNA Soa association and see themselves as part of a whole. They are to be used according to their abilities and development potential. The Malagasy employees are paid a fee in accordance with the customary rates in the country.

Now Glory be to God! By his mighty power at work within us, he is able to accomplish infinitely more than we would ever dare to ask or hope. Ephesians 3:20