Short history of AiNA soa

Since a first project with Mercy Ships in 1996, friendly relationships with people in Madagascar have been maintained. In collaboration with friends of Madagascar, various projects have been implemented on a private basis. The ongoing support of Madagascar’s charities is called Pro Work and is an integral part of the work in Madagascar.

In 2006 a pilot project was carried out with the aim of improving health care in the remote villages of Madagascar. After three years the Samaritana project was evaluated. With the gained knowledge and experiences a follow-up project was defined in cooperation with Dr. Ratsirbazafi Marie Rolland from the Institut National de Santé Puplique et Communautaire.

In order to give the follow-up project a legal form, an association with the name AiNA soa was founded on 06.11.2011 with its headquarters in Aarau (Switzerland). The ongoing support was integrated into the association’s activities and is subject to accounting and auditing.

The training project Samaritana started in Madagascar on 01.01.2013. In the first year the association was registered as an aid organisation in Madagascar and training material was written. Two first aid manuals with about 300 pages and about 600 pictures each were produced. The books contain the same topics but in different levels. They are needed to train health workers and volunteers in the villages.

The training project, as well as the projects already realized, is financed by donations. The projects are “Non Profit” oriented.

The association AiNA soa has set itself the goal of enabling people to help their fellow human beings. At the moment the focus is on the health sector, but interventions in the areas of water, food and self-sufficiency are not excluded.

The approach is aimed at empowering employees so that they can take over and continue the work themselves after an initial, instructional and accompanying phase.

In 2022, a new partnership with the Ministry of Youth and Sports allows a focus of first aid training for teenagers and young adults. Start of the project “First Aid for Youth” along the national road RN2.Focus on increasing partnerships with private institutions.1,159 people trained in first aid.

Certification of employees by the Flying Instructor GmbH.

Helping people to help themselves and promoting self-reliance are the main objectives of AiNA soa and are thus at the centre of its efforts.