One thing that made me happy last week was completing a one-hour task in ten minutes…

Sometimes we don’t need to use so much effort to accomplish our assignments; we just need to work a little smarter.The air of revolution is now, so we have many tools to refine our research on what we need. Let’s have an open mind and some seed of creativity to get ourselves satisfied with our work.

The use of this ten year old stamp has taught me a lot about the fact that giving value to something allows it to live for decades. I am amazed that at AiNA soa, there are countless materials that have already been used for ten years and are still functional and in good working condition up until now. It is obvious to see that all people who have been there take good care over these ten years.

On the other hand, the use of old tools is sometimes tricky because they do not completely meet our expectations. A good example is this stamp that we have had for ten years. It does not facilitate our work because we have to press hard on the four sides of it to have a good and clear matrix. You have to repeat this action for a hundred documents. So I let you guess the number of hours and the quantity of energy we used… 😊.

What made me happy last week was that I could complete a one-hour job in 10 minutes. We got a new stamp that made the job easier. Now, you don’t have to put all your strength into finishing a job, no more cramps and arm aches. Honestly, I had a smile on my face once I finished stamping the documents.

This kind of alternative solution is highly recommended in all cases. In fact, all that matters is that you feel good about completing your daily tasks and that the results are promising.

In short, being a good steward is a great work attitude, but on the other side, we are required to be productive and efficient at work. So my advice is to work a little bit smarter in making research on what makes your works smoother and as simple as possible and be comfortable in doing your assignments. The goal is to have good results with the minimum of effort.

Let’s not make things difficult if there are other ways to make them easier.

Jimmy, Accountant and Planning manager