The main mission of AiNA soa is to have a direct impact on people so that they can pass on their knowledge to others.

Since the establishment of AiNA soa, we have always looked for ways through which we can reach out to the Malagasy people. AiNA soa has chosen to spread knowledge through first aid trainings and though the Vonjy AiNA resource book. With the vision that it will be available all over the island.

Distribution campaign

The distribution campaign of the Vonjy AiNA resource book between Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar, and Tulear, the southern region, was the last mission of AiNA soa since the beginning of 2021.

In response to measures against the spread of the coronavirus, the government has closed the borders of some regions of Madagascar. Including the Analamanga region, where Antananarivo is located. These decisions were made to keep people moving within a smaller radius and thereby helping to control the spread of the virus. Before these measures were taken, we were able to carry out our mission in southern Madagascar.

AiNA soa took the national road No. 7, which connects the capital with Tulear. Our team was ready to travel 1000 kilometers and 21 hours by car to reach this city.
In both cities, the paramedical institutes could benefit from 190 Vonjy AiNA resource books from AiNA soa. It is expected that these people who received the first aid resource book will be able to share their knowledge through it.

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