Some weeks ago I lost my Dad who had cancer. My Dad was a responsible man and loved his family so dearly. He was an engaged man. He did his treatment with us at home and it was very difficult to see him now with his pain. But at the same time, it was a pleasure for me and my family to take care of him during this hard time from February till December 2022.

During this time, my life went up and down. I thought about what I could do to help my father. His situation changed the daily life of our family, but even through that I learned one thing: “To think and act positive no matter what”. As far as I know – I learned this not at least at AiNA soa and through our work – my thinking can have a huge impact on my physical and emotional health. My ability to think positive in hard or difficult situations aided me to keep going and do my duties with joy. Having an optimistic attitude helped me not to lose hope in caring my Dad. Moreover, it encouraged others to do the same. My husbands support helped me so greatly as well.

Think and act positive – Practicing is the key

How did I manage to stay positive even in difficult times?

I chose to find and see things in my daily life that made me smile – for example, enjoying the beautiful flowers and plants. I accepted that my Dad was sick and he was going to die. I practiced gratitude for the time I had with him. I also tried to be gracious with myself with all the things I wanted to do.

For me, acting and thinking positive helped me to be able to focus on seeking/finding solutions – in many ways. It encouraged me to look at the bright things in life as my dad’s passing approached. I expected things to go well even the heaviness of having to say goodbye. I considered it a privilege I was allowed to take care of him and show him love until the end. I got to know many people and being accompanied and supported during this difficult time, also by my colleagues, was very precious.

AiNA soa – Precious life! Not least because of this I want to continue and practice again and again:

Think and act positive – no matter what!