My name is Mamitiana. Since 2018 I’ve been in charge of maintenance, cleaning and cooking at AiNA soa. After training as a first aid instructor through Flying Instructor, I’m also an assistant trainer in AiNA soa. I’m proud of my job, the place and situation I currently find myself in. However I have to admit that I had a difficult career.

As a child I lived in a small village with my family. My mother was a teacher. I always dreamed of becoming a doctor and working in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar. During my studies, a certain Nicole Imboden came to teach first aid at our high school. I was delighted because the subject interested me so much. Once I had passed my Baccalaureat (the diploma needed to go to university), I immediately had to enter the job market. I had to finance my life and support my family. I started out as a teacher in a small school for underprivileged children, after that in an orphanage. Unfortunately, the latter institution had to close down.

Then came 2018. My sister asked me to replace her at an NGO that trains people in first aid. When I went there, I had no idea that I would meet Nicole. I immediately felt at home because I liked AiNA soa’s values and mission.

First, I was just in charge of weekly office maintenance, but as I got more involved, I took on more responsibility and my situation improved in parallel.

“Helping others to help themselves”: I’m one of the witnesses to the fact that this value is really passed on – not only to every employee but also to the people we train. Because by helping each other, we can only move forward (if we have the will to move forward). For my part, as you have read, I have never stopped learning and giving my best to the challenges life throws at me.

With motivating greetings,

Mamitiana, Trainer Assistant & Cleaning Agent