Since I was with AiNA soa, the staff has changed from time to time. For me, that means the organization is alive. Some have been here since the beginning of AiNA soa while others stayed here for some years and took off. However, that does not mean that those who left were fed up or those who are still there do not have anywhere to go. In my case, circumstances of life have forced me to quit my job at Aina soa some years ago. This was very sad. But now it is a great joy to be back with the team again. I am ready for all the adventures ahead as being part of this organization means a lot to me!

Facing in one direction

All these teammates are the richness of this organization. Everybody has his/her experiences and everyone has his/her character though all are working on accomplishing the mission of AiNA soa and on fullfilling its vision through their work. Nevertheless, it does not stop anyone from fulfilling him/herself or realizing his/her personal goals. Actually, quite the opposite is the case, it makes AiNA soa what it really is: A place where you can grow, even more, where you are encouraged to develop various new skills. AiNA soa’s moto is “help to help”. That does not concern only external people. It already starts from the inside out.

The relationship between team mates makes this organization very special. Here, we consider everyone like blood relative. Neither selfishness nor tampering has room here. We are pushing each other ahead and pulling each other upward.

Personal development

Personally, I am an introvert, very timid and I struggle in expressing my own ideas. Luckily, here I could overcome all these. I have learnt many things at AiNA soa. Things which I could not have bought for money and which I would not have learnt at famous universities. Here, I have met the big heart of Nicole, Laza’s humility, Maro’s care, Tahiry’s teaching technics and so one. The list is way longer.

I am still learning here every day and I am longing for new things to happen in future with my teammates – my true friends. Because I am convinced of this quote:

“The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.”

Elisabeth Foley

Kind regards,