When it is summer in Switzerland, the temperatures in Madagascar are winter-like. Especially in this cool season, the poverty of the people is more visible. There are many people who have no home and live on the streets.

In Madagascar, winter hits us hard. Even those of us who wear good clothes freeze and wear jackets and hats even in the office. What about those who don’t have warm clothes?

It makes me sad to think and see my fellow human beings living on the streets – especially in this season. You see them in many places: near garbage dumps or under bridges. They live in poverty because it is difficult to find a job or to feed the family with the small salary. Some children collect dirty food on the street and many of them beg for money or food from others. They all wear dirty clothes because they cannot afford soap. As a result, hygiene suffers and the risk of getting sick increases.

It is sad that numerous families live in an inhumane situation. Great efforts are needed to help them out of their poverty. This is not just about helping them with food or clothing, but empowering them to optimize their lives. This can be done by developing self-skills and sharing knowledge on an eye-to-eye level. This is a great need in our country.

At AiNA soa, we do just that. We help people help themselves by giving them basic medical knowledge and first aid skills. This is exactly the reason why I like to work for AiNA soa.