Greetings to all the faithful readers

I will gladly share with you new experiences and things I have learned. Part of my responsibility at AiNA soa is to make videos. I agree that I already have the experience to do this. But in practice, there is a lot to master. For example: using the green background, transforming it and receiving feedback from others. Mutual assistance and support is very important though, because one person alone cannot do this work. I learned a lot during all this time: from the technical side regarding the software used and also getting to know the new doctors better by working with them.

The whole team who did it was great, so even with some difficulties we were able to overcome them. All the videos were done as planned. I considered this good work and responsibility to the glory of the great God. I felt the presence of God working with us in its realization. Here I share and encourage all of you who love and communicate on multimedia. It is good to learn and master it because it is both work and fun – if done with love. There may be a lack of equipment, resources or time. But the word of God says:

it is by a good strategy that you will win the battle.

So you need to be organized and especially careful when dealing with something that you want to do well. This is the short section I want to share with you, I wish the best to each of you and I encourage you to follow this site regularly.

Kind regards,

Technical Video Production Team