My name is Rado and I have many responsibilities at AiNA soa. I am pleased to share in this blog about my work as an assistant. As such, I’m involved in trainings locally in Antananarivo as well in other regions. Before joining AiNA soa I worked as a teacher at several schools. Hence, I benefit greatly from those experiences in teaching and working with young people.

I like to pass on my knowledge and I am happy when others benefit from it. I am pleased that I have been able to develop further in the area of training. The instructor course run by Jannick from “Flying Instructor” was particularly enriching for me. It enabled me to expand and improve my knowledge.

Many Madagasy, especially in rural areas, don’t know what to do in an emergency, whether in the field or in the village. I’m very sad when I see people dying out of ignorance or misguided beliefs, especially as it is difficult to get to the hospitals due to bad conditions of the roads in Madagascar.

As a certified first aid instructor, I consider it my duty in my country, as much as possible, to let people know what to do in the event of a sudden accident. Fortunately, we see good results through our work to disseminate first aid knowledge.

AiNA soa Live in TV

I was very pleased that a private television station “TV Plus Madagascar” gave us the opportunity to take part in their morning program. The medias are an effective platform for passing on knowledge and raising the organization’s profile. My colleague Ny Ony and I were able to do a live training session this month, where the audience could call in and ask questions directly. Many people tuned in and showed interest. We’ll now be taking part in a few more shows in the coming weeks. What a great opportunity to reach a large number of people who might never have heard of our training courses.

I found it challenging to answer the questions asked live by the audience – especially as clearly and simply as possible while remaining accurate. How grateful I was for Ny Ony, our doctor, who answered so confidently.

It is our aim to use the options available to AiNA soa to reach as many people as possible in Madagascar with first aid knowledge. Even though we are only a small organization compared to the size of Madagascar.

Therefore, we are grateful for any practical help and financial support we receive.  This helps to ensure that more and more people in Madagascar can help and support their fellow human beings with first aid skills – also in the new year 2024.

Best wishes and a happy new year!


Technician, assistant trainer