Each individual is a social being and as a human the need to be integrated into a group is essential. According to psychologist Abraham Maslow, «love and belonging” is the third basic human need. These are social needs to be part of a group, to feel accepted, loved, appreciated, but also not to feel alone or rejected. Whether you belong to a family, a sports team, a religious group or another group…, the needs are the same.

AiNA soa Team, my team!                     

The vision, missions and values ​​of AiNA soa match mine and belonging to this team is a great privilege for me. The team building we did recently reminded me how working as a team allows us to achieve great feats. Working together makes us more productive and more efficient to achieve same objective.Since I worked with AiNA soa, in addition to gaining experience, collaborating with my colleagues increased my enthusiasm and stimulated my creativity. AiNA soa has always faced new challenges, but due to a strong collaboration between the team in Switzerland and the team in Madagascar, we still exist and make great progress.

AiNA soa Team fellowship: conviviality and sharing

AiNA soa team loves moments of sharing to play and to eat together. Wednesday is a day which is very appreciated by all because we eat together and the rice is always presentJ. Rice is the main food for the Malagasy, which makes the rice fields an integral part of the landscape in Madagascar. Rice cultivation is not an easy task and involves several steps requiring several people. We have a related proverb which says: “Asa vadi-drano: tsy vita raha tsy ifanakonana”. There is no real translation to this Malagasy proverb but the equivalence which could translate its meaning is that: “United we stand, divided we fall” or this quote “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller. Apart from the friendliness, within the team we feel that everyone takes care of each other. For me, they are real friends and I consider them like a second family.

In this period of the end of the year, I wish everyone to experience a moment of happiness with the people around them. Know how to take advantage of their existence and their presence because “unity is strength”.

Merry Christmas!