Why walking on the path? Me enjoying the funnier way of walking and probably dreaming from the future or the next meal 😉.

Two remarks that I will never forget in my life! They have pushed me to move forward and open up to the world. I received them during the last two years at AiNA soa.

Malagasy people are naturally shy and have difficulty expressing their opinions freely. I don’t know really if it is character or it’s due to their education. What I do know is that I also have this peculiarity. Being an introvert, I think it’s wise not to bother others with my questions or ideas. I often wait for someone else to ask the question I want to ask. Sometimes someone else then asks the question and I get my answer, but often it stays unanswered.

Formative Words

Well, one day while working, I should have addressed a stranger, but I did not dare at first. However, from my partner, as if from nowhere, came the following remark:

“Mirindra, what do we lose by asking the question? The only thing that can happen is that he says “no”.”

That’s right, there is really nothing to lose but a lot to gain with a “yes”. I have since realized that in the past – when I was afraid to ask questions – I thought more about the reaction of the people around me than about my own feelings. Fortunately, I didn’t get depressed before I receive this great remark.

This man not only helped the rice to grow. With a simple gesture, he helped my character grow.

Back to my personal character: As a doctor, my education taught me to think logically and to pounder the positive and negative side of things. Even though I am not a pessimistic person, I unfortunately see very easily what obstacles and challenges could be. I think this trait is one reason why I let many opportunities go by in the past.

Decision support

Recently, I had to take a decision that will inevitably have an impact on my life, my work and my family.

During the time I had to make the decision, my thoughts mainly revolved around the impact on my work and my family. So that I forgot the reason why I actually wanted to do that thing.  I shared these thoughts and doubts with a friend and that’s when the second simple question came:

“So, there is one question: Do you WANT to do it or not?”

Punch! This question woke me up. It helped me remember what motivated me and put my faith back in time. Personally, these two questions are very important for me to move forward in life and live a happy life. With them in mind, one no longer lives simply thinking about what others think or what could go wrong. No, you can enjoy life and dare to come one step closer to your own dreams and realize them if possible.

Time of giving & thanks

Advent is a joyous time and time of giving. These two questions can be more valuable than other gifts you can give. Feel free to share them with someone when the opportunity arises.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2022! May everyone realize what they dream, prosper in it and feel happy!

Warm regards,


PS: Special thanks to the one who ask me these two questions!