It is with great joy and gratitude that I write this blog, in which I would like to share my journey with AiNA soa.

From first aid training to managing AiNA soa

My journey with AiNA soa began in 2014 as a first aid instructor. The task corresponded to my burning desire to help my fellow human beings. As a doctor, I have to impart medical knowledge and teach practically how everyone can react quickly and effectively in emergencies.

Right from the start, I was impressed by our medical team’s shared commitment to delivering the best work and the highest quality. Our ambition was clear: to work constantly to optimize the content of our training programs and improve our training skills. The aim is for our courses to be effective and understandable for participants.

We realized how important it is for us in AiNA soa to remain open to international recommendations and to find out what medical knowledge we can implement in Madagascar.

In 2015, the management asked me to join the leadership team as a representative of the medical team. This group was the engine that drove the organization’s progress strategies, identified opportunities and made crucial decisions for the good and on behalf of AiNA soa. Being involved in strategic discussions opened my eyes to the challenges and opportunities we face in AiNA soa. It was an enriching experience that considerably broadened my vision of the role we could play in society.

Another exciting stage awaited me in 2021. I was honored to take over the head of the medical team – a responsibility that I have exercised with dedication to this day. We continued to work hard to enrich our training programs, making them more relevant and practical and adapting them to the latest standards. Each development was the result of intense and passionate collaboration within our team. Our commitment to quality has also reflected in the diversity of our pedagogical approaches. From realistic simulations to interactive training sessions, we ensured that our training is motivating, engaging and memorable, encouraging retention and application of the important knowledge and skills learned.

The certification of our training program in 2023 was for me the crowning result of the tireless efforts of our team.

Then, in 2023, another new page was turned in my professional journey in AiNA soa. I was entrusted with the role of Director. This appointment was a great honor for me personally, as well as a recognition of my previous efforts in and for AiNA soa.

“Difficult times create strong men”

Reflecting on my path, I can’t help but think of the source of my early maturity. The loss of my father at the age of six undoubtedly left a profound mark on my life. My mother’s repeated advice to be thoughtful and sensible in order to be “successful” still resonates in my mind.

My rather serious character and ambition for excellence were shaped by these early experiences of responsibility and loss. They were also nurtured by the conviction that success comes not only from acquired knowledge, but also from integrity, compassion and commitment to others.

Today, as Director of AiNA soa, it is very important to me to continue the tradition of high quality service and innovation that has characterized us from the beginning.

Together, let us continue to save lives and advance and strengthen our humanitarian mission.

Thank you for accompanying me on this journey. I look forward to the next chapters of our shared history at AiNA soa.

Yours sincerely

Mirindra, Director and head of the medical team, doctor