A happy child

One evening, around sunset, I had to accompany my mother home. In the street, 3 boys were sitting, playing with nothing. Seeing my mother with 3 balloons in her hands, balloons she had brought for her grandsons, they couldn’t help begging for them. But my mother, imagining the joy of her grandsons waiting for her and receiving these little gifts, didn’t give… I can’t blame her for that! On the way home, I saw the boys still on the street. I reached into my pocket and gave them 300 ariary. That’s not enough to buy many things these days. “Ouray”, they shouted. I continued my way but saw one of them dancing his heart out. I was instantly reminded of my joy when I was a child, and a beautiful lady gave me a coin. I loved that moment. I still get goose bumps remembering it!

Happiness at work

What I love most about my job is the opportunity to make people happy. When participants arrive on the first day of training, the mood is somewhat heavy, especially when they come from companies because they usually feel obliged to take part. As we practice andragogy, the way each AiNA soa team runs the sessions is very particular. We’re convinced that if we put everyone at ease, knowledge transfer will be quicker and easier. Between themes, we play games, share jokes and sometimes dance. This also helps us keep them focused. At the end of a training session, we always receive the following feedback: “Two days of training, it’s too short, we want more”. The greatest gift I can receive from my work is to see these people happy!

The ripple effect

When we spread happiness, we create a wonderful ripple effect. Happy people inspire others to adopt positivity and kindness, resulting in a chain reaction of happiness. Let’s work together to spread its warmth and positivity all around us, one smile, an act of kindness and a moment of joy at a time. Let’s not forget that happiness is a gift that multiplies when shared. Let’s make spreading happiness a priority in every corner of the world, to transform lives and leave a lasting legacy of joy and love.

I wish you a happy day,

Mirindra, Doctor & Leader Medical Team