For almost a year we (Ny Ony, Tsito and me) have been working in the medical team as first aid instructors at AiNA soa. During this time I have learned a lot. For example, how to prepare, conduct and evaluate trainings. Further, I learned how to create training materials in PowerPoint and Adobe illustrator.

Besides my main job as a trainer, I have many other tasks and responsibilities. I get to manage the Facebook page and coordinate the creation of videos for the the fundraising run and the production of raffle bags.  A few weeks ago, I started working with WordPress. With the support of Laza and Jacqueline, I now manage this website.

Albert Einstein said:

Knowledge is acquired through experience, everything else is just information

I have acquired a lot of knowledge during this one-year period. Because at AiNA soa I can gain new experiences every day. I hope that with my skills and experience I can further support the achievement of AiNA soa’s goals.