After completing the Flying Instructor training course to train other first responders a few months ago, it is now time to reach out to more people.

Various partnerships with public and private institutions have given us the opportunity to reach many people. This year, our goal is to train young people along the national road RN2 from Antananarivo to Toamasina. The RN2 is one of the most accident-prone routes in the country.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, we could train 138 students and young workers in the districts of Toamasina and Brickaville in first aid during the last few months. Additionally, 84 members of Protestant boy and girl Scouts from the region of Analamanga received the training.

Some public preschool and primary school teachers around Tana have realized the importance of first aid knowledge. They invited AiNA soa to provide an first aid course. Our instructors enjoyed the exchange and discussions with the teachers.

Long-term partnerships with companies such as COLAS and Lecofruit continue. SYMRISE organized a refresher training for staff trained in the northeast of our island several years ago. A new partnership with REFRIGEPECHE, a fishing company, began with the training of a group in Toamasina.

We are grateful for the training, materials and support we receive to share first aid knowledge in different regions and through different channels.

Scouts participating in the training in Antananarivo