At the university, I studied in the Faculty of Literature and Humanities. Although university studies orient us between different disciplines, it turns out that there is not enough application to practice the profession that we have chosen. Indeed, it is the academic course that takes up a lot of space. The same is true for the internship period in companies. Most of the students who do internships do not benefit 100% from the practice of the position they hold in relation to their field of study. It is because either the company simply gives general information or they just stop at the initiation to the position.

According to my research, most of the students in my faculty have experienced the same situation.

I had the opportunity to start my first work experience at AiNA soa. I am glad to be part of the team, but most of all I am glad to be able to start practicing what I’ve learned in college.

For your information, I am the secretary and communication manager.

The first impression I had when I arrived in the professional world was that there are a lot of new things that were not learned in college but that you have to master. Indeed, it depends on the position you hold. For my part, the mastery of different computer software is essential. I use it for internal and external communication as well as for the drafting of different administrative paperwork. Moreover, the choice of the strategy to be used for good communication with the customers and the public as well as between the staff also needs to be mastered. We always have to consider that everyone has their own personality and point of view even with common objectives.

There is a beginning to everything…

“Every expert was once a beginner” Rutherford B. Hayes

In the beginning, I encountered some difficulties in receiving and practicing all these new things I needed to master at work. Sometimes I lacked patience, started to get discouraged and said to myself that I was a failure. I wondered what others would think, especially when I learned something and it took a long time to be done. And then I came across this quote from a former American president which helped me understand that there is a beginning to everything. We all go through this period in one way or another. The important thing is the willingness to continue and never give up. We should remain patient, positive and proud of our progress. The fruits of these efforts may not always be what we expect, but they serve as lessons or new knowledge to improve our work and reach our goals.

New year, new experiences…

What marked me most in the year 2022 was my integration into the AiNA soa team. I thank the team for having received me with joy and generosity. They did not hesitate to give me a hand to carry out my tasks appropriately when I met some blocks. I have learned a lot. The adventure continues and I am ready for new experiences in order to reach together the objectives of our organization.

I wish all readers a happy new year. May it bring you what you desire and open new doors of possibilities.