Helping to help

…this has been our motto for many years and defines our mission at AiNA soa. Indeed, in our country where basic medical knowledge is very low, we feel obliged to pass on our knowledge of first aid to help our compatriots. For this reason, we do our utmost to keep them informed.

For some time now, many TV channels have been starting their programs early in the morning with live broadcasts. “Buongiorno” is one such live program on the local TV channel “TV plus”. Since December 2023, we have been invited to report on first aid topics and answer questions from the live audience

Overcoming fears

My first fear was that I wouldn’t be able to feel the participants during the training so that I could respond to them. Until now, I was only used to face-to-face training sessions where I could interact with the participants immediately. The challenge with this live training on TV is that I can’t see the viewers at home. Fortunately, viewers can ask questions during the broadcast. A lot of calls have already come in with specific questions, which has been very encouraging.

My second doubt concerned the type of questions I would be asked. But after one or two shows, I got used to answering them and realized that my speaking skills were improving.

I had the impression that many people are interested in first aid training but are unable to attend a normal training for certain reasons.

We, the medical team of AiNA soa, are now considering how we can reach this group of people and are trying to develop a new training format.

In conclusion, I can say that I really enjoyed teaching in collaboration with professional presenters. I also really appreciated having this assignment during the Christmas season. The stage was beautifully decorated with garlands and our sharing corresponded to the essence of Christmas, an essence of sharing.

Helping to help – just as we were able to use the old year with the training courses on TV for this purpose, we would like to continue in this new year 2024. We want to be open to new ways of sharing our knowledge of first aid so that more and more people in Madagascar can help each other with injuries and in emergencies.

I wish you all the best!

Ny Ony, First-Aid-Instructor & Doctor