I am pleased to give friends and supporters of AiNA soa an insight into my work here through this blog. My duties include cleaning the house and the kitchen. I support the team by making sure that everything is tidy and clean. I am also often involved in first aid training as an assistant trainer, which is a lot of fun and where I see my skills.

AiNA soa focuses on teaching first aid to the people of Madagascar. I think this is a very valuable mission. I am very grateful to be part of it and love my work there.

“In all the years I’ve been working here, one of the things I’ve learned is that doing my best doesn’t always mean doing everything perfectly. Rather, it means that I should always have an open heart and a willingness to learn.”

Wednesday is team lunch day

Every Wednesday, I cook for the entire AiNA soa team and we eat together. This moment of companionship has been part of AiNA soa since the beginning. This time together is valuable for the whole team to talk to each other about topics other than work in a very warm atmosphere. Because I don’t have a cooking diploma, this work was a challenge for me at first, but I accepted it and said to myself: “I will do my best to please those who taste my food”.

But it soon became very rewarding for me. Because the people who ate my food praised it and thanked me for it. This made me very happy and led to being encouraged and strengthened. It motivates me to keep doing my best.

Cooking in a different setting

In March and April, we had the opportunity to train employees of the German Association for International Cooperation in first aid. Part of the service contract was that AiNA soa was responsible for preparing the meals. It was a new experience for me to cook for the participants of a training course and not just prepare lunch for our team in the usual setting. I really appreciated the support I received from Daniella – our administrative manager. Together we gave our best.

At the end of the training, the participants reported back that they were very grateful for the delicious meals. I was very pleased that they liked the food we prepared for them.

Giving the best and receiving gratitude is very valuable to me. It influences my daily life. Because when I give the best and appreciation and gratitude follow, it gives me feelings of joy, happiness and satisfaction.

Let’s strengthen each other through appreciation

Giving and doing your best does not mean that you do everything perfectly. Not at all – we are human and we make mistakes. However, I was able to experience for myself how valuable it is not to focus on the mistakes, but on the value and commitment of a person.

“I would like to encourage you to give your best and to thank and appreciate the person who has done something good for you.”

It doesn’t matter how small or large the act was. An attitude of gratitude and appreciation towards each other is so valuable because it allows us to encourage each other and motivate each other in our work. And this in turn brings joy to us.

Mamitiana, responsible for cooking & cleaning and training assistant