Here we are in the courtyard of AiNA soa’s premises. It’s a photo shoot for the development of  training tools. The team from left to right: Rado, Ny Ony and I. I am simulating a choking man.

Don’t lose your talents

Some people know me as a doctor, as I have been studying Medicine at the University. Others met me at church, in a choir group and know me as a bass singer. A long time ago, as a member of a medical association, I also made some desktop publishing (DTP) work like flyers, posters, cards for an international event. For the members of that association and some friends of mine, I am the guy to call in case of DTP work …

My name is Tsito. I am all of these, and maybe more. In my first job, the company needed my knowledge as a physician, just my knowledge and nothing else. There, I was not called to treat patients, but to detect insurance fraud and to prepare medical expertise file.

Usually, the most challenging aspect of the work was to say whether a patient would be able to work again or not. The decision – which had to be explained scientifically and wisely – was made while we saw the person at the office. The case which mostly stuck to my head during this job was a man who has had a bad accident in the Middle East which led to serious physical injuries and long-term psychological issues. Later, I had my own doctor’s office. There, I’ve practiced medicine and treated people for a year. I also gave them tips on how to live healthier. It was a very good experience.

An old talent used for new challenges  and a rediscovered old talent

Recently, I joined the AiNA soa team to become a trainer. So, the person who transfers knowledges, skills and good attitude to others. The great thing about AiNA soa is the way you can discover, explore, and use all your talents. I actually didn’t know that I could teach first aid to a group of adult people, and I love what I do.

An additional part of my job is to create educational tools. Without such educational tools it is difficult to teach people. I have mentioned at the beginning of this writing that I used to do DTP, but that was a long time ago. Meanwhile, with the help of the AiNA soa medical team, that skill has been taken out of the closet again(see the pictures). For me, AiNA soa gives me the opportunity to use all my talents and skills and to find other hidden talents.

In life, everything we learn, every good or bad situation we may find ourselves in, is an opportunity to develop and evaluate our talents. None of our talents deserve to be buried or forgotten forever. God gives us talents, maybe one, and maybe more. We must use them to develop ourselves, our family, our community and our country.

I invite you to rediscover who you were, what you knew and loved to do, what nobody else does better than you.  Do you still do it with the same passion? If not, why then? And why not resume this activity now? It is never too late to enjoy your talents again. 😊

Kind regards,


Below is a row of pictures ilustrating the DTP process. After the final editing, the pictures could be used to illustrate any training tools such as power point, flipchart and so on.

A chocking man. This is the photo we’re going to use for the training tool.

The work in a
DTP software.

The same picture after the work in the DTP software.

Another shot from the same scene after a DTP work.