Our proud employees with their certificates and Jannick in the middle

An essential step forward

An important event means a big step in the work of AiNA soa: our employees are now certified first aid instructors!

Already in October 2020 the first preparations with Flying Instructor started. Flying Instructor is a Swiss company that offers a variety of first aid courses throughout Switzerland. They agreed to send Jannick – one of their instructors – to Madagascar to strengthen the skills of our staff. After several postponements due to the closed Madagascan borders, the 8-day emergency aid instructor training could now take place.

The course sessions were very instructive, full of fun and rich in exchange of experiences. This is because even though the circumstances in Madagascar and Switzerland are different, the same first aid principles apply. In addition to the technical topics of first aid, much of the discussion revolved around the important question, “What makes a great instructor?”. Jannick was appreciated for exemplifying what he teaches himself and being open to hear from people with diverse backgrounds of experience.

Impressions from two participants

“Personally, I learned a lot from Jannick as a trainer and as a first aider. We exchanged a lot on some questions that blocked us during our training sessions. We reconsidered the practices that are done in Switzerland to adapt them to the real situation that exists in Madagascar. I am really happy to have been able to attend this training and I am very proud to have received my certificate. I say “thank you AiNA soa”.”

“The training with Jannick was extremely good. All employees learned a lot from him. The training was not complicated. It was simple, but professional❤. We all enjoyed it. Seeing the quality of Flying Instructor’s documents was an eye opener for many👏. It will help us improve our documents and presentations. We are all looking forward to applying what we learned.”

Official recognition

The course is approved by ASTRA and Federal Roads Office in Switzerland, as well as SGS, an international certification authority. So this an essential step for AiNA soa as far as its credibility and notoriety are concerned. As for the newly certified trainers, it enhanced their confidence and has given them useful tools for their roles.

Flying Instructor training is recognized by ASTRA and the Federal Roads Office in Switzerland, as well as by SGS, an international certification authority. Our employees are now certified instructors, which is an important step for AiNA soa, especially in terms of our credibility and notoriety. It is particularly gratifying that the intensive training has given our employees a new boost in self-confidence. In addition, they have received useful tips and tools for their daily work.

On behalf of the team in Madagascar, I thank the board of AiNA soa, Flying Instructor, Jannick, and the loyal donors for making this possible for the benefit of many lives in Madagascar.



p.s. Up to date is also the fundraising run, which will take place on May 8th. Five employees will be running, they are especially looking forward to support to run as many kilometers as possible.