At the end of June a team of AiNA soa was once again in Antsirabe, where we were able to train youth and scouts from the region.

The training went well, even though in Antsirabe the upcoming festivities for Independence Day were already obvious. The participants were motivated to take part in the training and left satisfied.

After four intensive days of training, we as a team had the opportunity to take a tour of the city center on Friday evening. We were able to observe how the locals were preparing for the festivities.

The city was already filled with all kinds of toys and podiums. The gloomy weather did not stop people from celebrating Independence Day.

Even though most Malagasy are going through difficult times due to the economic crisis and inflation, these worries seemed to be forgotten as the holiday approached. Everyone seemed eager to be cheerful for the holiday and do their best to celebrate together with family members and loved ones.

For me it was precious to see how people in our country consciously decided to approach this special day in a positive way – besides or despite all the difficulties and challenges!


Ny Ony, Doctor