A Swiss volunteer who visited Madagascar once said:

“… if you can survive the traffic here in Madagascar, you can survive it anywhere in the world.”

The traffic conditions are completely different from those in Europe. For a distance of 15 km from the AiNA soa office to the city, the round trip by public transport can take five hours or more, given traffic jams and very difficult traffic conditions. For example, the use of the motorcycle is very beneficial for the AiNA soa team due to the difficult traffic conditions. Thanks to the motorcycle, we can save a lot of time for orders and meetings in the city. After all, transportation and road infrastructure are important parts of AiNA soa’s work.  As everywhere in the world, road infrastructure has a great impact on the development of the country and personal life.

Our Fleet

Currently AiNA soa has 3 means of transportation. An off-road vehicle, Mazda BT 50 called “Aarau”, a Renault Kangoo called “Jura” and as already mentioned an indispensable Honda 125cc motorcycle.

Though, at the very beginning of AiNA soa, a Renault 4L – “Pima” – was provided to the employees. With it, all tasks were fulfilled in all places which the small blue vehicle could reach. Pima was of great use to the organization, but had to be replaced due to its old age. Because with more than 275’000 km on the odometer it was difficult to keep Pima in a youthful condition. In addition, we were also traveling further and further distances, for which we needed stronger means of transportation.

The first transportation revolution at AiNA soa was the purchase of the 4×4 off-road vehicle in 2016. AiNA soa received this vehicle as a donation from the Rotary Club of Aarau Switzerland, hence the nickname Aarau.  The vehicle has proven to be very useful given the road conditions in Madagascar and the transportation conditions in Madagascar. Aarau helps AiNA soa rely less on taxi-brousses, making travel to remote areas more pleasant and safer.

 Replacing Pima with the Renault Kangoo Jura has eased the burden on the AiNA soa team when conducting first aid training in the outskirts of Antananarivo or in the capital.  Since 2019, Jura has made it easier for AiNA soa trainers to travel, which has also reduced travel costs.

AiNA soa will continue to use various means of transportation to reach the most remote areas of Madagascar. I am very grateful to the donors and board staff in Switzerland who have given us access to these means of transportation. I would like to thank you for the trust you have placed in me as the fleet manager to keep these means of transport in good condition.

In summary, the pictorial representation of AiNA soa’s outreach can help visualize the conditions of travel here in Madagascar, whether on foot, by bicycle, by motorcycle, by bush cab, or by car.

Enjoy and safe drive,