Developing a habit and receiving feedback to move forward!

These two methods are among the approaches that help me develop and reinforce my experience.

When I started at AiNA soa last year, I was trained as a first aid instructor. At the beginning, I was not sure if I would do this job well here. But I decided to face those doubts and reassured myself that I will succeed. So, I first started by assisting my work colleagues in several first aid training sessions. Over time, I was given more responsibility and was able to supervise practice sessions and present some topics myself. Through hands-on practice, I developed a certain habit. Although learning took a lot of effort and repetition, I realized that I was constantly improving.

Teaching adults is not easy for me because people already have a lot of personal life experiences. I find that quite challenging.  However, as time went by, I noticed how my confidence in conducting the trainings improved more and more and teaching became a habit.

Precious feedbacks

I am very pleased that I have become accustomed to this new work situation. Nevertheless, it is important that I can still develop further. At AiNA soa, feedback is one of the most frequently used methods. Even employees with a lot of work experience receive feedback from time to time. Feedback allows me to correct my mistakes. I get tips from my work colleagues on what I should improve and how I can do it.

I would like to thank the AiNA soa team for their willingness to help each other to work together to achieve the goals of the organization.