I am honored to announce that with 2024 a new chapter in my professional career started. Since the beginning of January, I’m not only working as Planning Manager at AiNA soa but although assigned the role of Administrative Team Leader. I work 70% (see photo above: Jimmy, Daniella, Rado, Mamitiana, Mirana and Maro). So far it is still a challenge for me to handle both roles even though they complement each other. In this blog post, I’ll give you a glimpse of the start of my working week.

Monday morning routine in the office

Every day starts at 8 a.m. with a morning prayer and an exchange of information. Immediately afterwards I dive into my own routine: I do a short briefing with my teammates, set priorities for the day and check upcoming tasks and deadlines. This initial planning phase sets the focus for the day and ensures that everyone is aligned and focused on the company’s goals.

Leaders meeting also takes place every Monday morning.  It is also an important time of the week where we share ideas, identify challenges and ways of meeting them. Through constructive discussion and collective brainstorming, we seek out opportunities for innovation, clarify roles and responsibilities and strengthen our relationships with each other. We leave the meeting usually with a sense of unity and purpose which encourages us to work with vigor and determination to achieve our common goals.

Afternoon tasks

The administrative team holds its monthly meeting the first monday each month. We look at various topics and assess progress on current goals, discuss challenges encountered and identify solutions to overcome them. The meeting is also an opportunity for each team member to share their ideas and suggestions. I believe that this fosters a culture of collaboration within the administrative team.

When it’s not the first Monday of the month, I’m often developing new processes or workflows to improve efficiency, thinking about ideas for future projects or researching best practices in our field. I also take time to reflect on the day’s achievements or how I can improve it.

Every task I undertake throughout the day, whether it’s scheduling or developing an organizational strategy, contributes directly to our mission. Good organization and attention to detail are important to me so that our team works effectively and we focus our energy on making a meaningful impact in the lives of the people we serve.

Of course, no day is without challenges. From unexpected circumstances to tight deadlines, there are always obstacles to conquer. I am very grateful for the opportunity to serve our organization, the people of Madagascar, as well as the communities we support. I feel honored that in my role I can contribute to shaping a better future for all.

Thank you for accompanying me and us on this journey!

Daniella, Planning Manager & Administrative Team Leader