Hey guys, I want to share with you how did I meet up with AiNA soa for the first time:

Well, I like to start with some background information.

My background

I grew up in a middle-class family. During my teenager years my parents mainly took charge for my studies, clothes, shoes and daily needs though also my elderly sister – who had been working that time – took over some of the costs.

I have finished high school in 2009 and felt that I need to become independent in my life. I saw how hard my parents had to struggle to support me and my siblings financially and decided to lighten a bit their situation. In order to provide my school fees I was looking for a job, though unfortunatelly I could not find one. Time went by and I went to the secondary school and still, my parents took charge of everything.

I started to be reluctant to ask anything from them, only if necessary. I was looking for a vacant post on the newspaper, on posters a little bit everywhere and sometimes on the internet but none of what I applied for gave any return. I was desperate! I hate the idea of asking money from my parent but I had to. They were not against all the request I have made but I always thought that I am the one who makes the problem. Something unacceptable was going on in my mind.

The turnaround

One day a cousin of mine came to our house to spend the night; it is what we used to do. I talked to him about my problems. On Sunday, he invited me to attend a church service. The moment we got to the church; I have felt a great atmosphere going on because I saw happy people. They were all warm and open to one another. It was great, I felt very welcomed.

In the middle of the service, a young lady named Lalaina (a junior manager at the AiNA soa office that time) came up in the front to tell an announcement. It was at this moment that I first heard of AiNA soa. They were looking for a secretary – Accountant position; my cousin gave me a little elbow bumps after hearing that. At the end of the service, I approached her for more details about the job. Right the day after, I applied for it.

Three days later, as I was doing my prayer in the morning, telling God: “God, here I am, you have seen all the steps that I did so far but I got no return, I need a job Lord, I am now ready! I really feel it’s time for me to work, … I do all this in your mighty name. Amen!”

Amazingly right in the second when I finished saying “Amen” my phone rang. It was Nicole calling me to invite me for a job interview. I only thought wow, already? I was super excited that day and patiently waited for this interview. I was so sure this would be my job.

Despite I was ready for the interview I was really nervous. There were two interviewers, Nicole and Ioly (Human Resources Leader). We had an interesting conversation which lasted around half an hour. I was very grateful for this chance. After the interview, we had a closing prayer. I was amazed by this and thought it would be a great working place which I would not find a similar one around each corner.

That is how I, Jimmy Ralison started with AiNA soa in February 2013.

Meaning that now I have been with AiNA Soe for more than 8 years. It is a real privilege in most cases and a real blessing. Indeed, it has been a long way to walk because not only there were many challenges to face, ups and downs but also great opportunities to embrace and great professional improvement.

What I found important and which enables me to carry the flag till now: Perseverance, Faithfulness and Trustfulness. These are some of my key strengths.

Thanks for reading.

God bless you.