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First Aid in the Rural World

Madagascar is rich in interesting and beautiful places, especially in the rural areas. Most of the people in these areas have only primary education. Their standard of living, is not allowing them to pursue higher education. Especially because of the distance between schools and their home and further challenges, such as financial constraints. Therefore,

2021-10-16T12:08:11+02:0016. October, 2021|Madagascar|

Transmission of knowledge through the “Vonjy AiNA” resource book

The main mission of AiNA soa is to have a direct impact on people so that they can pass on their knowledge to others. Since the establishment of AiNA soa, we have always looked for ways through which we can reach out to the Malagasy people. AiNA soa has chosen to spread knowledge through

2021-10-27T08:20:24+02:0014. May, 2021|Madagascar|
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